This prayer is very special because it warns those who are under its protection against road, car accidents. What usually happens?

There are three warning that this spell creates, the most common are;

1. Police ticket

2. Broken Tire

3. The sense of danger

If all three warnings are ignored, this spell helps to avoid serious injuries and allows to come alive with best possible outcome. Keep in mind that if you are not careful yourself and over speed all the time and ignore all warnings, car accident can kill you. As they say... 

"God Helps those who help themselves"

Car Road Protection Prayer-Spell 

Accidents, road accidents, misfortune situations, which happen all the time to people around the world. Many times we have heard stories about people who were hit by car, about people who were not careful when driving and ended up in hospitals or even worst. When such news reaches us we always pray that something so horrible should never happen to anyone especially those we love and especially to our children.

Accidents are really taking many lives and probably car accident or road accident is the most common in the era we are living in. So either you are a driver or not, this very special prayers can save lives either by warning about the upcoming danger or even protecting from serious and mortal injuries. 

Accident Protection Spell - Prayer

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