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Money and Fortune Prayer 

Money - Fortune Prayer

This prayer is about helping the one in need to receive needed amount of money and overcome difficult situation in life. If you want to become wealthy without trying and siting on your cozy sofa and waiting for universe to deliver you a treasure, this spell won't work. This spell creates situation where you have great chance to earn money either by getting well paid job, wining lottery or by inheriting money. The price for this spell is very low only because the one who seeks money usually does not have it all.

If you are looking for treasure and wealth magically to appear on your table than I can assure it will never happen. Many people say that if every witch who actually could perform money spell and make it really work, she will be the richest person on Earth, but those people are just ignorant people they fail to understand that magic is not trick where you can remove the rabbit from your hat instantly.
The understanding of how magic works is really important, because magic is a gift that allows us, spiritual healers and witches to use energy that we can channel either from universe or from personal resources. Channeling energy helps us to create specific situations that we are aiming.
Money, prosperity and wealth spells are working the same way. We are channeling enormous amount of energy into creating such situations for our clients. Situations such as "winning lottery", "getting well paid job", inheriting unexpected money ...etc