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Remove Evil Eye

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Remove Evil Eye  

This prayer is Evil Eye Removal and it is performed within 48 hours after requesting. It includes also long lasting protection against specific evil eyes.

And of course I will also add free full check up for spiritual attacks that you might have received for last ten years.

* Please include brief explanation of symptoms of Evil Eye into comment section or contact us directly via email after ordering. 

Diagnose Evil Eye

If you are not sure, if you indeed have evil eye placed on you or your family members, I provide a complete and full diagnosis of symptoms that you are experiencing for a very low price, which covers mostly the nessesary spiritual items for the ritual.

Diagnosis includes also full check up for one person and detailed possible solution.

People always contact me with same question. They wish to know what are the Symptoms of Evil Eye and most importantly how to “Get Rid of Evil Eye”. 

In order to be able to recognize evil eye we need to understand what actually evil eye means. From East to West, from America to the depths of Asia practically each religion recognizes the existence of Evil Eye. It is described and even mentioned in different holly books including the Bible. It is said that evil eye can be placed only when there is an actual “glance”. I can only add that it is a type of negative energy which can attach to human being and even the object. The Evil eye, evil energy remains with person or object and it is responsible for bad luck, illnesses and misfortunate events. Symptoms are usually: headaches, dizziness, pain in chest and it can block the chakras and the energy flow.
Depending on the type of evil eye (intentional or unintentional) the evil eye will remain until spiritual healer removes it. Unintentional evil eyes are usually placed out of admiration or jealousy but with no evil intentions and usually children are the victims. On other hand intentionally placed Evil Eyes are placed out of jealousy, revenge with most evil intentions.

In each case it is wise to remove any Evil Eye with the help of a person who really knows how. If intentional evil eyes are not cured as soon as possible, they will eventually affect social and personal life of victim and might create health problems.

  • ​You have Evil Eye
  • You were cursed by Evil Eye
  • Someone placed Evil Eye on you  
  • You were Jinxed 

Evil eyes and stories about its power are traced back to many centuries and the concept of evil eye, and how evil eyes are affecting us on daily basis is recognised almost by any religion. Even the most holy priests of Christianity either we are talking about Orthodox or Catholic church are warning us against it. It is also worthy to mention that evil eyes have specific place in Muslim religion as well.