My name is Maria-Barbara. I’m certificated spiritual healer with over 30 years of experience in healing, helping and in protecting people from spiritual attacks. I have been performing online for more than 10 years and locally for over 30 years. Due to very limited time and very busy schedule ( after 2012, there are too many cases of different spiritual disturbances) I do have only two spiritual shops online. The first one can be found on eBay (only for evil eye removal) and the second one is this one. Here on cast-spell.com, I do provide various types of spiritual assistance including accident protection, protection against spiritual attacks, love spells and much more.

Unfortunately I do not have time, due to mentioned above busy schedule, to work with all cases so I do apologize for being selective. I have to prioritize heavy cases, especially when it has to do with curses, hexes etc.


I need to mention that I DO NOT cast curses, hexes, necromancy spell or any other type of dark spells. The matter of fact I do remove spiritual attacks and I do protected from dark spells. So if you are looking for different ways to harm someone , this place is not for you. Please close your browser or navigate away.